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Golden Retriever puppy snuggling next to adult golden retriever. Senior and puppy. 8 week

They grow old so quickly, but they will always be your baby.

Palliative Care Path

We aim to provide respect, dignity and grace to our patients

Most people believe that palliative care is only for patients who are terminal. While these patients are common, palliative care is the practice of delivering medical support and management plans when a cure is not evident for an ongoing or life-threatening condition.


In palliative care we take an integrative inter-disciplinary scientific approach, encompassing pain management and symptom control, while also focusing on psychological and environmental enrichment for the patient.


Palliative care is beneficial to patients that require extra physical, emotional, and psycho-social support in their day to day life. As such, we provide care for patients affected by a vast range of conditions, from disability to end-of-life care.


Our comprehensive services are designed to ensure that you feel confident in your ability to care for your pets appropriately, while knowing that you have our team supporting you through what can be a difficult and emotional time. We work collegially with your regular vet as well as allied health services to ensure the very best for your pet’s welfare.


At Animal Comfort Care Centre we understand that your pets are your family, and we love them as such. For this reason, we also provide support to grieving families, whether it pertain to anticipatory grief or grief due to loss of a pet.


Early palliative care intervention can assist you and your pet to live well while managing illness. If you would like to know more, or you feel your pet needs someone to go that extra mile to create a nourishing lifestyle for them, please get in touch with us.

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