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The Full Story

Hospice Residents

As a part of our promise to help companion animals in their twilight years we have opened a permanent hospice residence for elderly dogs who are surrendered to a shelter and do not have much time before crossing the rainbow bridge. They live out their final days with us, being cared for in our home, being given all the support and daily comforts a dog deserves. 

We provide everything from clinical support, medication, physiotherapy, specialist care if needed, and lots and lots of TLC. 

In order to keep this service running we rely on donations from members of public.



Margaret is our FIRST hospice resident. She was abandoned at a shelter in NSW in poor condition. Starting Over Dog Rescue took her on and had her desexed, vaccinated and a large lump removed from her belly. This lovely lady is a breast cancer survivor. Unfortunately due to severe arthritis along her spine she is unable to walk properly on her back legs.

Margaret's Care

We have started Margaret on pain medication, hydrotherapy, and she will be under specialist care for her spinal issues. 

Margaret gets along really well with other large dogs, and she absolutely LOVES the beach. 

Follow Margaret's journey on our instagram page @animalcomfortcarecentre

Please donate to Margaret's ongoing care at

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